Chris Conte

Chris Conte

National Correspondent

Chris Conte is a National Correspondent for Scripps News. He travels across the country in search of great stories. Chris has also spent time reporting in Nashville, Minnesota and upstate New York. Along the way, he's been awarded 25 Emmy awards, Edward R. Murrow awards and been named Journalist of The Year by the Associated Press. In his free time he enjoys running, cycling, skiing and hiking with his dog Vinny. Chris is an alumnus of Boston University.

Recent Work
College students.
Scripps NewsU.S.

Community college enrollment rebounds after pandemic drop

An elderly couple sits on a swing in their backyard
Scripps NewsPolitics

Seniors concerned about Social Security amid debt limit uncertainty

A young man makes saltwater taffy at Kandy Korner in Hyannis, Massachusetts.
Scripps NewsU.S.

As summer begins, seasonal workers struggle to find affordable housing

Flowers outside of a motel
Scripps NewsU.S.

Funds for turning motels into homeless shelters at risk

Kids paint masks at Project Create in Washington, D.C.
Scripps NewsLife

How art is helping homeless youth find their way

Donated furniture at FurnishHope D.C.
Scripps NewsLife

Donated furniture is helping break the cycle of homelessness

The outside of a correctional institute
Scripps NewsU.S.

Why some states are reforming minimum sentencing requirements

FASFA forms
Scripps NewsU.S.

FAFSA changes could make college out of reach for some families

A man maintaining a bonsai tree
Scripps NewsScience and Health

Many Americans are turning to Bonsai trees to relieve stress is shown on a laptop screen
Scripps NewsLife

DNA testing is reuniting Holocaust survivors, families

Psychiatric nurses train on a dummy patient
Scripps NewsScience and Health

More psychiatric nurses are needed to fill mental health care gaps

A syringe filled with medication.
ArgenxScience and Health

Hope is on the horizon for those suffering from rare disease

MIT researcher Peter Mikhael looks through CT scans of lungs
Scripps NewsScience and Health

Could AI be the key to detecting lung cancer years in advance?

A 117th Boston Marathon medal from the Boston Athletic Association sits on a newspaper article covering the 2013 bombing.
Scripps NewsU.S.

Reporter's notebook: Boston Marathon bombing 'feels like yesterday'

Images of brain scans
 Science and Health

Rest may no longer be the best medicine for treating concussions

Kareem Khubchandani
Scripps NewsU.S.

College professor, drag performer says bans can't stop the art form

A sign points visitors toward the financial services department at a hospital
David Goldman / APPolitics

North Carolina Medicaid expansion an example for holdout states

George Washington is seen on a U.S. one dollar bill
Matt Slocum / APLife

Is your city helping you pay off your medical debt?

Melted down bullets and gun materials in Stephanie Mercedes' artwork
Scripps NewsLife

Creating art as activism against gun violence

Nuns in the monastery
Scripps NewsLife

Inside a Boston monastery, 9 nuns are contemplating their futures

A couple poses for a wedding photo outside of the clerk's office in Manhattan.
Scripps NewsPolitics

Amid Trump media frenzy, New Yorkers carry on with daily life

A man sneezes holding a tissue
Roberto Pfeil / APScience and Health

Research finds climate change is making allergy season worse

Someone sits on a bench inside a museum

How museums are preparing for climate-related natural disasters

A penguin recieves care at the New England Aquarium in Boston.
Scripps NewsScience and Health

For these elderly sea creatures, age is merely a number

The Elmore Store in Elmore, Vermont
Scripps NewsU.S.

Communities fight to save their small town general stores

A teacher draws on a board while teaching her class of young students
Scripps NewsU.S.

Vermont's last one-room schoolhouse carries on 170-year-old tradition

Members of Minorities In Shark Sciences take data on a shark
Minorities In Shark SciencesScience and Health

Young scientists working to diversify marine biology field

A water testing kit
Scripps NewsScience and Health

Timing is critical when testing well water for bacteria, experts say

A portrait of a woman at the Museum of Bad Art
Scripps NewsLife

Quirky creations find a loving home at Museum of Bad Art

Valentine's Day cards sit lined up on shelves
Scripps NewsLife

A Valentine's Day card may be more important than flowers